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Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer - Mayo Clinic

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It could be your mom, sister, aunt or best friend. One out of 8 women will get breast cancer in her lifetime. A small subset of the women who get diagnosed have inherited an abnormal copy of a gene that runs in families and can greatly increase their risk of certain cancers. One question these women and their families face is, "Should I get tested to find out if I have a genetic risk?" The answer is always a very personal one.
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ZibdyHealth (4 года назад)
National Institute of Health (NIH), CDC, US Surgeon General, and many more talk about importance of knowing your family medical history and we are glad to see that J&J is also highlighting it. In fact, a CDC survey found that 96.3% of households in the USA think family medical history is important to their health.  However, there has not been an effective way to access or act on most of that information – until now with ZibdyHealth. We leverage the medical history of an entire family in our unique approach to building an informative health record that will help the individual subscriber, his or her whole family and health care providers. It is a free application which will help you with identify high risk individuals, encourage prevention and screening and help with treatment options.
Mayo Clinic (6 лет назад)
The answer to the question whether you should get tested depends on several factors and will be different from person to person based on history. So one answer will not fit all people. The best way to know if you should be tested is to talk to a genetic counselor or a breast specialist who is experienced in medical genetics and hereditary breast cancers.
Lisa Danielson (6 лет назад)
Still didn't answer the question, SHOULD you get tested? How do you know if you should??
Arlington Business Promoters (6 лет назад)
Can I just say that the production value of these videos are top notch! Great job!

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