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Lomi Lomi is an experience that can change you deeply at goodenergybreak.com

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George's experience with Lomi Lomi Massage. George says that there is more contact and more feeling of energy. He feels healed. People are not really interested in stardom when they give their testimonial. So I respect their privacy. Lomi Lomi massage has helped also with pain /tension relief, depression and burn out of any sort. You will feel the difference since my touch is high energy. Have a good day and your are welcome to come to GOODENERGYBREAK.com
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Igor St.George's Butler (4 месяца назад)
I have had by serendipity one Lomi Lomi massage in Sept 2009 and was able to stay in tune with my body for 33 months without pain medicine. She told me the weird headache was from a download I received that would help me design a universal language. I laughed to myself... Still surfing that wave of healing...but running on empty and here is that weird pain again. I can't go to Sedona or much of anywhere. Must guard sanctity of a portal vortex at my "lighthouse" in the Valley of the Shadow.

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