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How to Do Kwan Sau aka Rotating Hand | Wing Chun

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Watch more How to Do Wing Chun videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/509874-How-to-Do-Kwan-Sau-aka-Rotating-Hand-Wing-Chun All right, so the next one we're going to cover is Kwan Sau. Kwan Sau is a unique movement in Wing Chun in that it's both, basically a noun and a verb. It's a position of sorts, although we don't really have fixed positions in Wing Chun. But it is kind of a position and it is also a movement as well. It basically means, rotating hands or like an internal rotation, and it's often used when somebody is trying to trap your arms, and you need to unbundle your arms, so you can get them out and avoid being trapped. But it can also be used to defend more complex movements, especially at the BUT and Wooden Dummy level. But there's actually nothing really mysterious about Kwan Sau or really super advanced about it. It's just a simple body mechanic. Wei Chi have it in the opening of all the forms. When we do the Gan Sau, we do the internal rotation and then we come up here. This rotation is actually the Kwan Sau rotation. If you were to do it, just with one hand and turn to the side, then you would see the Kwan Sau position. Now the Kwan Sau position is comprised of the Cross Tan Sau, which is the beginning of the form and the low Bong Sau, which comes out of the Chum Kiu set. When we combine these two movements together, then we have what's known as Kwan Sau. Now your wrist should be in one straight line, okay? They shouldn't have the Bong Sau hand back here or the Tan Sau hand here. They should actually form one line and one of the reasons for this is that when somebody tries to trap your arm, you want to unbundle them here, close to the wrist. If you have them cross too much, and somebody traps you, it's going to be very difficult for you to get your arm out in time. So the rotation needs to happen very close to the wrists. Now a simple exercise for that is, somebody's going to grapple your arm done and punch you, you send your back hand forward, as Tan Sau and turn. As always in Wing Chun he's using my force to turn as opposed to just turning by default. Now if I try to grapple his arms here, he's going to bring the other one back behind. He runs into my arm and then when I give him force, he turns. In case you didn't notice, he's only turning once he gets the pressure from my punch. If I were to just grapple him and stop here, he could actually counterattack me. He wouldn't need to turn. He needs my force in order to turn. So a very simple Kwan Sau exercise would look like this. All right, this is something very simple, very basic. Kwan Sau, this is the outside Kwan Sau. Kwan Sau can also be used on the inside, if I give him an aggressive attack, for example double punches or a scissor Kang Sau. He can use the Kwan Sau on the inside here, and this is a slightly different setup, but it's the same movement. All right?
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bob Ag (1 год назад)
Oh Ye,Now im a wing chun master :3
Lon Yan (1 год назад)
You blew my mind. I was using this trap and didn't even know wingchun had a counter for this.
Thetraveller Lightbringer (5 месяцев назад)
that is exactly why i dont like it at all, they dont really put emphasis on bodystructure, practice from longer distance where they should their moves, way too much emphasis on chainpunch, and they cannot really handle agressive force, cos everything they do (except some individuals) is fast, but slopy, and almost works only against WT guys... actually wing chun is just about going forward and clearing the path, or redirect / flow around... if you know bodymechanics, you need half of the moves... the most advance chisau looks like they just have connection in the hands, and the dominant persons seems like they just walk forward, and the other person looks like while retreating he is hopping on fire or, slideing on ice... real wing chun recive, get close and punch, or unballance/ clear the way
Ichimaru Gin 95 (1 год назад)
YanLongnu leung ting wing tsun is full of every response for every move and every situation ;) Best lineage
Ace Marksman (1 год назад)
*Quan Sau.
Radya Achmad Alif (2 года назад)
Nice technique shifu
shooter4hire shooter4hire (2 года назад)
great explanation on kwuan sao
Schweddy Ballz (3 года назад)
Oh I thought this was how to hit the Kwan...
zackary touraity (4 года назад)
Now I'm a ninja
M J Katz (4 года назад)
Thank you for showing this and explaining each move clearly.  :)
Kabouterpingu Overlord (4 года назад)
Some guy on the Internet (4 года назад)
R.I.P. Ip man
Jon Snow (4 года назад)
First comment! Thnx for the tutorial pretty helpful!

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