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Pierce Brosnan On The New James Bond | Larry King Now | Ora TV

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Actor Pierce Brosnan tells Larry King what he really thinks about Daniel Craig's portrayal of James Bond. Watch this full episode of "Larry King Now" on Ora TV & Hulu: http://on.ora.tv/LuarGS __________ SUBSCRIBE to Larry King's YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=LarryKingNow FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/OraTV & http://www.facebook.com/LarryKing TWITTER: http://twitter.com/OraTV Use #LarryKingNow to make comments & ask us questions on Twitter! CHECK OUT Larry's daily show, "Larry King Now," on Hulu: http://www.hulu.com/larry-king-now Comment & ask Larry questions on Twitter: http://twitter.com/KingsThings
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Текстовые комментарии (539)
RICKY VARNER (10 дней назад)
I think Pierce Brosnan plays a better James Bond than Daniel Craig
Armando Valmont (12 дней назад)
why does his face have two different colors in this video? did they fail to finish the makeup job before the interview started?
Sade Sade (12 дней назад)
My best Bond ever, he us just a gorgeous human being, wonderful dad & husband, really like PB🤩
Craig Nixon (15 дней назад)
Brozza, you played it better than Daniel Craig.
John Chan Chan Qiyang (22 дня назад)
wellcome back
dumbellgym pretorian (23 дня назад)
That was good of him.....different time, I agree
Joseph (5 месяцев назад)
The link is broken
Gladiator7 7 (5 месяцев назад)
No one has been more Bond than Pierce and Connery. They both had this perfect combination of elegance, mature attraction and mystique. Nowday's Bond is more like sad - angry MMA fighter. It's not the mambo jumbo martial art movements that portray a Bond. A real Bond should be the man who everyone would enjoy to hang out with. He should walk around a salong and express nobility but in the same time respect and fear. He should look like a scientist and a gladiator at the same time. Not only matcho heavy attitude.
Rynhardt Van Rensburg (8 месяцев назад)
Jason Stratham must be the new James Bond.It's Stratham's time now!!!
Mohammad Ramzan Ashraf (9 месяцев назад)
I think Pierce Brosnan is the best Bond ever. Daniel Craig is super boring.
FirstGentleman1 (9 месяцев назад)
Sirs Brosnan and Craige are both very good Bonds and I like all the movies as well fine.
Spanky Harland (10 месяцев назад)
Pierce is one of the best Bonds....him and Sean are in a league of their own.
Stenbrotsgatan (10 месяцев назад)
I think it's great that the actor changes so every 10 or so years. They are all great and bring their own personality to it. There is no better or worse for me. You have to have an understanding of the era in which the films were made. Roger Moore was perfect for his time...it was just what the franchise needed. The problem with Craig is that he lacks the charisma and the twinkle in his eye. He almost NEVER smiles in his films and looks beat up, exhausted and sulky in most scenes. The character of Bond is of comic book type and needs to have a sense of "ridiculousness" about it...but they have become a weaker copy of Bourne and that's not the way to go in my opinion. Politically incorrect is what it should be and what makes it fun. Too darn serious now. Leave that to Bourne.
Zhuge Liang (10 месяцев назад)
I love Daniel Craig so much as Bond. But frankly, Pierce is my favorite Bond. His persona and charm is just second to none.
God Sun (10 месяцев назад)
Love Pierce Brosnan❤⭐ Wonderful Actor⭐
Kynan (11 месяцев назад)
I wouldn't be surprised if Craig's last Bond movie is a lot like Logan.
tcnascar1 (11 месяцев назад)
Pierce is so gracious!! He was great- the script writing let him down - invisible car - "you're joking!"
Jake Ayers (1 год назад)
Pierce is the Bond of my boyhood; Daniel is the Bond of my manhood.
Carolyn Jones (1 год назад)
My bit of Irish
Sid Walker (1 год назад)
I love this guy, best actor ever ^^
steve goodfaith (1 год назад)
Danial Craig sucks balls
Walter Evans (1 год назад)
Generous comments from Pierce.
Paul Polpiboon (1 год назад)
After the first one Craig is pretty good but you were the best Pierce
theRealAV8r (1 год назад)
Even accounting for changing scripts/direction, it's interesting how different actors bring out different sides to the character. Pierce was first to bring the 'dark' to the character, while still maintaining the humor and suave. Daniel is the epitome of Bond's violent side - he exudes it even when calm, like a tiger just waiting to pounce.
Aussie Azza (1 год назад)
Mr Brosnan will always be my favourite James Bond, agent 007.
Gonzalo Téllez (1 год назад)
pierce the best bond
Dirty Harry (1 год назад)
Roger Moore was the Bond i knew.
Natalia GarM (1 год назад)
Playboy Bond.
einc70 (1 год назад)
good insight. since the Bourne franchise they had to level it up with Craig. I can see that coming.
ironhandz1 (1 год назад)
Since Daniel Craig is already thinking about leaving, and they'll have to get a new Bond anyway, what about if they brought Brosnan back for one more? I mean one last hurrah for him. Basically pull a Diamonds Are Forever move. Before casting a new Bond, make a movie about bringing a sixty-something, alcoholic Bond, bitter about being fired, suddenly brought out of retirement for a new mission. The Bond girl would be Catherine Zeta-Jones or Sanaa Lathan. Maybe even get Famke Jansen back as Onatop. GoldenEye II, basically.
ironhandz1 (1 год назад)
I like both Pierce and Daniel fine. I like how he's gracious enough to compliment his successor, considering the bad blood he has with his former employers. He's already been pretty vocal about his bitterness of being fired. I think he should have been given one last big swan song film, but life goes on.
arnold oliver (1 год назад)
crashpal (1 год назад)
just my opinion by Daniel Craig would make a better Ethan Hunt from Mission Impossible than james bond
XelNagaStalker (1 год назад)
PB will always be my Bond. Goldeneye will always be my favorite.
Ammar Z (1 год назад)
wow he really aged
Čárlí Šubaduba (2 года назад)
Mr. brosman, you should do one more role in James Bond. I miss you.
Josh Sartorius (2 года назад)
A class act.
Trim Prism (2 года назад)
In Bond 25, all actors who have played Bond unite to kill this Giant Enemy Crab attacking ancient japan.
newmedstudent (2 года назад)
he should have stayed for at least two more...
lostmagiknyram (2 года назад)
A very humble man. That's why I love him. Pierce: Forever Bond before my eyes
Jaegar Ultima (8 месяцев назад)
For me it's Connery,Brosnan and Craig.
8b64z (2 года назад)
no no no no, sorry people new bond movies aren't worth s**t. 4 movies and all he had from gadgets was a defibrillator. If i wanted to watch Bourne movies I would have watched Bourne movies. Well they are very good action movies but a James Bond movie NO CHANCE!(Quote from Arnold, Commando)
Apocalypse The Third (2 года назад)
I'll be back Bennett
WCPweCanplay (3 года назад)
Just noticed. The older he gets, he does look a little bit like reagan!
robert szvetics (3 года назад)
pierce has alot of class anyone else would of been pissed at losing his job hes one in a million.
William Rance (3 года назад)
Mr, Brosnan , in my opinion, left the role at the wrong time. He mentions that he thought times had changed - yes they had! It was time for Bond to enter the more cynical 21st century - calling for a more mature, and, world weary character, still laced with humour but battle hardened. Brosnan's male model facial looks were taking on a more rugged appearance by this time - he still has what it takes, even today. Why not, it's not Doctor Who reinventing himself for goodness sake! When someone asks me which Bond did I like the most, I have to say, for different reasons, Brosnan and Moore comes to mind. But, then, I have lived through the James Bond years from Doctor No to the present day. The latest renditions leave my feeling cold and seem without soul - something is missing, perhaps the witty dialogue of years gone by, or, perhaps movies are reflecting the more sinister and dangerous world we are living in today - or maybe I'm just a silly old fart, reflecting on my own youth.
jdxsr85 (10 месяцев назад)
Daniel was the best thing to happen to the franchise since Dalton. Martin Campbell put the series back on track twice and the second time he lucked out with a strong actor. All of you want the silliness of the Moore era but you seem to forget that the series started out as serious spy thrillers with Connery's first 2 films Dr. No and FRWL. Craig's films hearken back to the brief period where the series was in it's infancy without the crazy gadgets and overblown action. Craig is Bond.
tiffsaver (1 год назад)
+Angela Weston LOOK WHO'S TALKING.
tiffsaver (1 год назад)
+Angela Weston Daniel Craig is exactly TWICE the actor Pierce Brosnan is, or ever was. And compared with Craig's sheer physical power, Brosnan is like a choir boy. If you don't understand that, you're even dumber than I once expected. If you need even more evidence of what I'm talking about (which is obvious that you do), just read what Roger Moore said about Craig as Bond: "He IS Bond." And that's from someone who many people think was the best. Even the great Sean Connery was impressed with Craig's performance, which leaves you, and other morons like you, on the bottom rung of stupid.
tiffsaver (1 год назад)
+Angela Weston Did you read what I said? JAMES BOND IS A PROFESSIONAL KILLER, FIRST. Pierce Brosnan and Roger Moore are pretty English dandies, lady killers first. And to put down Daniel Craig's acting prowess shows that you know nothing about his abilities, or his past films, NONE of which either Pierce or Roger can boast. Both of these men were TELEVISION ACTORS. What part of that don't you understand??
miamivicepastels83 (1 год назад)
William Rance no you're right somethings missing
Alejandro Sanchez (3 года назад)
pierce is the perfect bond. he had the looks, the confidence , the swagger, the fighting skills, the women appeal.
Friedrich Schmidt (10 месяцев назад)
Of course Dalton is the best, but I wish Brosnan was handed better scripts. "GoldenEye" was really the only decent film he starred in, and his last two would have been terrible even with Dalton in them.
Kimmo Laine (1 год назад)
Dalton is the best Bond.
Avoozl (1 год назад)
Both Goldeneye and TWINE are great, TND and DAD not so much.
TheKooster31 (1 год назад)
in my opinion Pierce's bond was let down by its script, it's trying to follow Sir Roger Moore's Bond footsteps but doesnt work especially on Pierce's latest bond movies. (goldeneye still great though)
tiffsaver (1 год назад)
+ Herve David H If you're saying that Fleming's vision of Bond was bloodless and boring, yes, you could say that Dalton was "perfect."
johnnystir (3 года назад)
Brosnan was wasted for the most part as a Bond. I would have loved to have seen him with the same quality of material as Craig has gotten. Daniel is a tremendous Bond. We've seen the character grow over the four movies. Three of the four he's made have been among the best movies the series has seen. Goldfinger, however, remains my favorite.
WorldPrez (3 года назад)
+Neil Parga But Brosnan is better than Dalton
Neil Parga (3 года назад)
Timothy Dalton
WorldPrez (3 года назад)
+Neil Parga Which is your favorite bond? I can't tell
WorldPrez (3 года назад)
+Neil Parga The one fanatic Dalton fan
johnnystir (3 года назад)
+Neil Parga Dalton was a good Bond. No need to call me names.
Richard Boone (3 года назад)
The first two movies with Daniel were ok in the sense that they were developing a newer more badass Bond. Then Skyfall came out and I was thrilled. Daniel knocked it out of the park and the writers put back some of the things that were missing, such as a very cool villains lair. Can't wait for Spectre to come out.
J. Muller (3 года назад)
The New Bond  2016 is going to be a sissy.
nareshgb1 (3 года назад)
Quite simply, Tom Cruise's mission impossible movies challenged Bond to change - result is Craig's interpretation.
tiffsaver (3 года назад)
Pierce Brosnan is one of the sweetest actors and human beings I've ever had the pleasure of working with, hands down. If you're a fan, please do yourself a favor and see him in "The Matador," quite simply his greatest work... and funny as HELL.
tiffsaver (3 года назад)
+Hugh G Wrection I loved 'Matador' so much that I bought the DVD and showed it to all my friends. Spread the word!!
WorldPrez (3 года назад)
+tiffsaver Yeah he's great in that film
Teemu Laine (3 года назад)
Pierce is exactly right its a different time. Ever since The Dark Knight by Nolan almost everyone is trying to do things more realistic and darker and overall more mature. In my opinion realistic is better that way the viewer can relate in some way.
decentradical (22 дня назад)
All these films are based on the film Heat. It seems the audiences are tiring of the gritty realism though. John Wick and Kingsmen both showed what can be done with a stylised over the top approach.
Joseph (5 месяцев назад)
The link to full episode does not work
Joshua Bicknell (7 месяцев назад)
H2 O Miami Vice is legit one of my fav films of all time.
Leon Reaper (1 год назад)
True but sometimes realism can get boring too.
miamivicepastels83 (1 год назад)
H2 O and compared to the orig Miami vice that was a hot mess
Bearded Sailor (3 года назад)
Those who think Craig is good are just little kids who love explosion scenes.Craig was lucky to have good scripts and directors(unlike Pierce Brosnan).Craig's Bond is just a muscular hitman,he cant grasp Bond's personality,he doesnt have Bond's charm,smoothness,sophistication.He is just a copy of Bourne and other modern action heros.Connery and Brosnan are the real classy Bonds.
miamivicepastels83 (1 год назад)
Bearded Sailor and I get so sick of that same regurgitated crap that Craig fans Say, Craig is so much more human you can relate to him... I don't want to relate to James Bond it's James Bond and for God's sake I want to escape. I don't want to see reality I want to see an escapism world
miamivicepastels83 (1 год назад)
Bearded Sailor 🙌🙌🙌
no hassle (3 года назад)
+hornetgags Wow that end line you just said perfectly sums up Craig's Bond. 
hornetgags (3 года назад)
+no hassle Agree entirely...Craig's Bond has a cold ruthlessness about him with vulnerability. You can see there is a wall protecting himself as his actions take their toll and so he is more 'human' in his portayal with the torment. Other than Connery, the other Bond's attitude was 'I've just saved the world, a martini and sex will do the job'. With Daniel Craig it's 'I've just saved the world but another piece of me just died doing it'....
no hassle (3 года назад)
+Fernando Miranda I disagree completely. Daniel does play the character with more grit and menace than any of the other Bonds, but if you actually read the novels you would fucking know that already.
Stannis The Mannis (3 года назад)
pierce may not have had the best selection of bond movies, but he was certainly one of the best bond actors!
shandu mathivha (3 года назад)
i think pierce can still do another bond movie, it suits him so well,always has
rollercoaster478 (3 года назад)
It seems like all the previous Bond actors like how Craig portrays the character. Thats nice :)
theearthmovesagain (2 года назад)
I have to admit that I am rather surprised to hear that Lazenby would be less keen with the more - physical James Bond of today since his own Bond approach was portrayed as more a fighter then as, say, a shooter. But, then again, Lazenby had some different ideas and attributes that he could have maybe brought to the series. Twenty years ago I watched an interview of his where he eluded that he did not like the idea of having too many gadgets and special effects in the films. Could you have imagined that era's Bond films with no gadgets or big effects? The series would have looked completely different!
rollercoaster478 (3 года назад)
+Ankur Ghosh as much as I have heard he is a quiet but cool guy. British through and through probably :D 
Ankur Ghosh (3 года назад)
+Fernando Miranda i dnt know how craig is as a person, t he is definitely a gr8 bond
no hassle (3 года назад)
+Fernando Miranda So is Daniel Craig, and that is represented in the films as well. You are a horrible, disgusting thing.
Bearded Sailor (3 года назад)
I dont give a shit about your political correctness,just dont screw Bond by making him gay or albino or whatever.Bond is into women thats all
ViDeoDuDe1928 (3 года назад)
Every Bond had a different personality. Pierce had a lot of one-liners. I mean a METRIC TON of them! It was enjoyable; he had a certain amount of class and the way he spoke was very professional and tied with the British feeling. I think it was an amazing fit. Craig, however, was a different spin on the character. He was more violent and more antagonistic. Personally, I prefer the Brosnan Bond over the Craig. But that's just me.
ViDeoDuDe1928 (3 года назад)
I watched the older Bonds when I was younger. I was more of the classics kind of guy, and I still am lol. But I see what you mean +MultiDannyboy89 about Craig. He does have a good backstory.
MultiDannyboy89 (3 года назад)
+ViDeoDuDe1928 I like both Brosnan AND Craig.  Brosnan was an icier, more sexual and more detached Bond than Craig.  Craig's Bond is significantly less sexually active, has more "soul", and has a back story to him.  It really depends on which Bond you're in the mood for as far as I'm concerned.  But having said this, I think I'd take GoldenEye over any Craig Era film.
devin campbell (3 года назад)
+Fernando Miranda If you don't like him then you don't like him we all have our own opinions. Did i think the remake nightmare on elm street was better than the original? And do i like Jackie Earle Haley's Freddy better than Robert's? Yes to both. and i think the world would better if it were back to the way it was before we destroyed everything because things are becoming a lot less natural because of us
Bearded Sailor (3 года назад)
I dont like Craig's Bond,just a copy of Jason Bourne,no charm,wit,just a muscular hitman.
devin campbell (3 года назад)
I found Dalton as the most violent and serious James Bond plus Dalton IMO sucked dick. My order of favorite James Bond to least favorite James Bond would be Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig, Sean Connery, Roger Moore, George Lazenby, and Timothy Dalton. The next actor to play James Bond might be Henry Cavil since he was offered the role the same time Craig was and has interest in taking over the role when he gives up
Sébastien Eggermont (3 года назад)
Pierce Brosnan avait la classe des anciens Bond , avait ce charisme de l'homme élégant classe et assez discret !! Je pense que Daniel Craig n'est pas mauvais mais après je pense pas qu'il a pas  la gueule d'un James. Par exemple pourquoi ne pas avoir pris Jason Statham ?? Lui aurai cartonné j'en suis casyment certain !. Si ca fonctionne bien avec Daniel Craig c'est parce qu'il y a plus d'action !. Mais après il manque les gadgets qui a toujours fonctionné dans tous les autres James Bond !!
caveman Versace (3 года назад)
Brosnan is my first choice as Bond, then Connery.
Stephen Andrews (3 года назад)
Henry Cavill would make a great Bond.
Richard Noneofyourbusiness (3 года назад)
+Stephen Andrews I just saw the trailer for Man From U.N.C.L.E. and my first thought was exactly what you said, he would make a great Bond. Whether it'll happen or not is doubtful, you know how actors are about being typecast.
AlrightAlright Alright (3 года назад)
I think Craig is the best Bond. Brosnon was too posh, in my opinion. If he were American, he would be a frat boy at an Ivy League school kind of vibe.
tiffsaver (1 год назад)
+ AlrightAlright Alright PRECISELY. It seems you're the only one who got it right on this entire thread.
Oiseau Denuit (3 года назад)
yes I am for sure! hihi Im a girl!
tiffsaver (3 года назад)
+Oiseau Denuit I like him, too. But perhaps you're looking for different things...
Oiseau Denuit (3 года назад)
girly or not he is the best looking one of all! I love him in that role the best!
tiffsaver (3 года назад)
+Bill Nye Totally agree. I love Pierce, but he was a little too "girly" to handle this roll... pushing.
Every Year in Music Playlists (3 года назад)
I'm surprised that all former Bond actors like Craig. I've seen every Bond film and I don't like Craig at all. I tried to give him a chance, I really did, but to me he is completely different from all other Bond actors, especially the laconic attitude is missing. Bond has always been a character I looked up to and somehow I don't look up to Craig. Bond let himself be put in his place by Vesper in the train. He is giggling to himself in the torture scene – can you ever image Connery giggling? But it's not just Craig, they changed the entire series. Maybe I'm too conservative. Hell, they even removed the gunbarrel at the beginning. And for those saying Craig plays the character like Fleming described him, for me the true dark Fleming's Bond is Dalton.
Otto Von Stirlitz (1 день назад)
You are so right. Craig is not Bond.
Eren (3 года назад)
+bighands69 no but the other guynis kinda right i like craig but he is def missing that carefree attitude and somewhat cheesy attitude, but somehow not too cheesy that it makes one cringe when they hear it
bighands69 (3 года назад)
+DryNox Fleming described bond as a charming cold hearted killer. Craig has got that to perfection. He is muscular, fast and a gentleman all in one.
lordmichael6969 (3 года назад)
Pierce is a class act!
Dan Reese (3 года назад)
Least Brosnan was honest , I mean what can You say when asked questions like that ? As for Craig I enjoyed Casino Royale an somewhat the 2nd , but Skyfall stunk , they made Bond into a cry baby thug, He has no charm ,at least the next film sounds more promising , but then came the Sony leaks about  making Him Black . 
Dirty Harry (1 год назад)
Skyfall is good...Solace is shit.
Dan Reese (3 года назад)
I can agree with you on that , I hated the film .
Will Brock (3 года назад)
whatever, if you think skyfall sucked thats your opinion, personally i loved it and am looking forward to the next one
Dan Reese (3 года назад)
Will Brock (3 года назад)
Ako si Wokkawokka (3 года назад)
Skyfall was a joke.   Anyone want to tell me how a James Bond who just got shot off a bridge and fell unconcious in to the water drifting for at least several minutes unconcious and wounded, then going over what looks like a 100' waterfall (still unconcious),  then shows up in the next scene unscathed?   Rubbish !
Stafford Christensen (4 года назад)
GoldenEye was a good movie - the rest... oooo... Not so much. Brosnan's far from the worst thing about them but he didn't help them out either.
burtonater (3 года назад)
Yea, Tomorrow Never Dies is in my top 5 for Bond movies 
burtonater (3 года назад)
Brosnan was amazing and will always be the best "new age" Bond. You can't discredit him, because he wasn't making the movies. His acting as Agent 007 was phenomenal. 
Hyunsu235 (4 года назад)
He is great!!!
long long long time Bond fan, and I knew Pierce was meant to play Bond when he was in Remington Steele. and honestly, even today (Sorry Sean) But for me, Pierce holds the torch as The Best Bond Ever. Daniel Craig should have been a diffrent double O as he was just not Bond... Great Agent, don't get me wrong, but I only see him as like 005 or something.
decentradical (22 дня назад)
I would love to see Daniel Craig pair up with a new actor playing a classic, old skool James Bond again.
tiffsaver (1 год назад)
+William Rance True, that. But it is pretty well known that Ian Fleming was a full bore misogynist, and it shows in his characters. What about a BLACK, GAY WOMAN as the next Bond?? We could call it, "Here Comes Brown Sugar," or something like that. I smell a hit!!!
William Rance (1 год назад)
Well, Tiff. I can understand your view point, and find no argument with your choice. The Bond franchise is ready for an upgrade, just like Dr Who, from time to time. To define Bond as being a British Spy, not an English one, is, perhaps open to debate. What Fleming's ideal was, as opposed to what the Anglo-American producers envisage, gets wider as the years go by. Perhaps an American, German or Danish actor could quite well take up the role with a convincing British accent, who knows? It would, most likely, widen Bond's appeal to a larger international audience. The greatest obstacle, today, is getting past the ethnic barrier, can one accept Bond being played by an Anglo Asian, Anglo Oriental or Anglo African? All British, yet not around at the time of Fleming's era? Even a female Bond. Wow! I like a woman with a bit of spirit! All good fun. Bill.
tiffsaver (1 год назад)
+William Rance Hi Bill. I'd think twice before tangling with an Englishman... they're crazy!! Seriously, a lot of people around here think I don't like Brosnan. I do. But I think his biggest selling point as Bond is exactly how you described him... he is "blessed with good looks." From a strictly handsome aspect, Pierce is far prettier than Craig. But I found him PLAYING Bond, not actually BEING him. There's a difference. 007 was a paid government killer first, and a playboy, second. If I had to fight either Brosnan or Craig, it would be Craig I'd be afraid of, not Pierce. That's why I choose Daniel Craig for the ultimate Bond, second only to Sean Connery, who singlehandedly invented the role. Cheers.
William Rance (1 год назад)
Hey, Tiff. Don't forget Brosnan is an Irishman! They are blessed with good lucks and knuckle heads. Get them in a fight, be sure it's not you they are fighting - and, I'm a Brit! Take care, Bill.
Darin Wood (4 года назад)
Classy, honest, and always cool.
JMurphy (4 года назад)
Pierce Brosnan had the perfect "face" for a James Bond, and the fight scene he did against 006 "Sean Bean" was a excellent fight scene. I think todays times demand a more violent bond then when Brosnan did it.
Synthwaverz (1 год назад)
Tim Dalton ALL DAY long
Paddy C (4 года назад)
It's time to admit Tim was the first convincing bond I saw him as bond when I was a kid and it was the first time I took bond as a character for real and convincing
djsonicc (4 года назад)
each generation has it's Bond... I grew up watching Brosnan so he's my favorite Bond
Joshua Bicknell (7 месяцев назад)
djsonicc same here, I still remember watching Goldeneye and The World Is Not Enough for the first time, as if it was yesterday 😝
Musicfan1020 (3 года назад)
+djsonicc  Agreed, I think it usually stems down to the Bond that one first sees and grows up on. The first Bond film I saw, I believe, was Goldfinger. And I subsequently saw the other Sean Connery films and then some of the Roger Moore Films and then Goldeneye. So when I was a child I didn't know there were other actors besides those three. At that time it was ranked Connery, Moore, Brosnan. When I look back on it now, Sean Connery is still at the top for me (probably sentimental reasons), then Brosnan, but now it has developed into a tie for third with Timothy Dalton and Daniel Craig (as they are the more mature Bonds), then it is Roger Moore due to his campness and self-parody, then George Lazenby because I feel like he didn't have enough time to explore his Bond enough and I am not totally hooked (but then again, maybe with a script revision, it could have been better).
Dan Reese (3 года назад)
good attitude , I grew up on Connery but each Actor who plays Him is played so for its generation .Though I skipped the entire Moore years and didn't go to the theater to see Bond again till Dalton took over, Moore's films had some beautiful girls though
spikeblofeld991 (4 года назад)
I like when he was talking about Bourne Identity and other more modern action films and saying, "The stakes have gone up." haha :-)
jdxsr85 (10 месяцев назад)
Dan Reese Lol. They didn't copy any hand to hand fighting from Bourne. Craig's films hearken back to early Connery Bond. There was an intense fight scene on a train in From Russia With Love, Connery's second Bond film, which most likely inspired the Bourne films. The series started in 62 as serious spy thrillers before Goldfinger changed it all and firmly cemented the Bond formula that the Brosnan era fully embraced.
zteevy dood (3 года назад)
Pierce brosnan and Daniel Craig are both great in different ways and it's not like only Bourne movies can use violent action
Dan Reese (3 года назад)
+bighands69 No Bond has nothing to do with Bourne , only that they copied the hand to hand fighting that Bourne did do justice with . Craig's Bond is no where near the books written by anyone who wrote Bond . He stands alone as His own 007
bighands69 (3 года назад)
+jeffrey dahmere Bond has gone back to the books roots. It has nothing to do with Born franchise.
Dan Reese (3 года назад)
+Andrew St. Clair Dude what's your problem ?  Who even gives a fuck what you think cuz I don't , go back to your imaginary  world an take a hike .
hartsickdisciple (4 года назад)
Pierce was a great Bond.  He was a different kind of Bond though.  Craig is more believable as a tough guy.  He has a lot of Connery in his performance, but his own unique touch as well.
hartsickdisciple (3 года назад)
+Godzilla52 I've seen Seraphim Falls and The World is Not Enough.  I haven't seen November Man yet.  I like Seraphim Falls, despite the irony of 2 Irish actors playing Americans after the Civil War.  That being said, I just can't buy Brosnan as a legit tough guy secret agent.  He had more of a Roger Moore feel to me.  Entertaining, as long as you don't take it too seriously.
Godzilla52 (3 года назад)
+hartsickdisciple I've seen him do it in Sirapham falls and the November man. He even had some pretty cold moments in The World is not enough when shot that girl dead. 
hartsickdisciple (3 года назад)
+Godzilla52 Brosnan doesn't have the physique or natural intensity to pull of that kind of tough guy.  He just doesn't have credibility in that way.
Godzilla52 (3 года назад)
I think Brosnan could have done a Craig style Bond if he was directed to do so, but the direction they were going for during the era kind saw him as a Connery/Dalton combination. 
Anderson C (3 года назад)
Agreed. Brosnan was more a Roger Moore type "Bond". They had "the look". You look at them and say "That guy could play Bond". Had that gentlemanly handsome look. Daniel Craig...first time I saw him...I thought "Bond villain". He doesn't have that "suave gentlemanly" way about him. But his movies were good as they were trying to be "realistic"...like the Jason Bourne films.  But they lacked the physicality of Connery and Craig WITH "the look".  Also gone for many Bond films are the classic beauty of the "older" Bond women (e.g. Ursula Andress, Maude Adams, Carole Bouquet...etc.). The Italian actress in From Russia With Love who played Bond's love interest. Missing that exotic world-class beauty look. Olga Kurlenko comes close...sort of. Then there was Maria Grazia Cucinnotta...should have given her a bigger role..I think she was in Goldeneye. Sophie Morceau... Pierce really aged here. He's on the cusp of "old looking". Loosing his handsomeness. Of course it happens to us all. But Connery's aged well. OF the Bonds I've seen. Roger Moore still sort of has his good looks. 
shelley-ann Keane (4 года назад)
godaz7777 (4 года назад)
you need good acting capability to play 007
godaz7777 (4 года назад)
moore is the most consistant actor who plays the part...
godaz7777 (4 года назад)
tomorrow never dies showcases brosnan can play the role of bond well...
godaz7777 (4 года назад)
pb could play a different 007 like tim...
chris Miller (4 года назад)
 Pierce Brosnan was a good bond 
smokeythatokey (4 года назад)
Timothy Olyphant would make a good Bond!
smokeythatokey (4 года назад)
So make him a contracted American!
Psydrre (4 года назад)
Hmm well, he's not english though. :/  Olyphant is great in Justified!
Cockshield (4 года назад)
No! Timothy Olyphant would make an awesome Dirty Harry Callaghan though.
smokeythatokey (4 года назад)
As far as I'm concerned, pierce was Bond!
John Smith (4 года назад)
Daniel is the only James bond so far who has no chest hair and is ripped i mean look at him man hes gorgeous
22grena (3 года назад)
+Andrew St. Clair Are you ashamed to admit you are welsh?
Dan Reese (3 года назад)
+MageKloud yeah but Bond smoked , drank way too much and eat greasy foods , the reason why Fleming wrote that was because the British are poor an this character eat well , drank well etc  
Truth in reflection (4 года назад)
+Amadeus Dredd Amen!
Andrew St. Clair (4 года назад)
+MageKloud Roughly as politically correct as Brosnan.
Balian (4 года назад)
+Andrew St. Clair Never saw any of Dalton's films. I was put off because people claimed he was too politically correct.
Bulletproof Recon (4 года назад)
Brosnan is completely lying on this.  Brosnan kept saying he wouldn't watch the movie with Craig in it, and consistently said that he didn't like the idea he was FIRED, not just replaced but fired.  I still Love Brosnan but it IS a new time guys, and Craig is not bad at all and is among the top three.  But, I get how you guys get upset on Brosnan being replaced, but remember, it's not Craig's fault.
BetaArtemis (3 года назад)
You realize that people's opinions can and do change over time right? And even if at the time of the new casting and change that he was upset, it didn't mean he hated Daniel or thought it was his fault - anyone can be upset that they've been taken out of a role they love doing but Pierce has never been cruel in his comments, I don't see how he's lying, of course he's not happy he didn't get to be Bond again but it didn't mean he hated the new films or he hated Daniel but he's also a grown man with good logical comprehension and ability to understand that in this day and time, it's a new era and things have changed and he's accepted that he's not Bond anymore
corey washington (4 года назад)
+KevinT1149 actually Connery,Moore and brosnan and even Sean bean gave Craig a lot off credit.
KevinT1149 (4 года назад)
Actually Brosnan was the first person to come to Craig's aid and defend him when he was announced as Bond in the first place. Does no one remember how bad Craig was hated when he was announced as Bond. I mean there was a website even called diecraigdie dot com. Everyone complained that Bond can not have blond hair everyone ripped on Craig even I did I never went as far as diecraigdie but I did say no hes not Bond. But in 2005 when all this was going down Brosnan was the first person who publicly came out and said everyone needs to give him a chance because he was phenomenal actor and very talented. Then he mentioned a couple films fans should see with Craig to change peoples perpectives with one of the movies being Layer Cake. So yeah I seen interviews where he stated he was upset he was fired or they moved on from him only because during the period of 2002 and 2006 he was intended to return as Bond at some point before the next movie turned into development hell. Producers didn't know where to take Bond next and ultimately decided to base the next movie on Casino Royale and go with a reboot and wanted a younger Bond in the role. Brosnan was understandably upset about this because he has been waiting 4 years thinking he would continue in the role. He had nothing against Craig or hating his movies at all and I never seen him say anything Bad about him or the new series. Like I said Brosnan came to his aid was the first person to do so followed by Roger Moore.
corey washington (4 года назад)
What is?
dimitri6000 (4 года назад)
It really is disrespectful to the Bond character.
ben sweat (4 года назад)
roger moore played like 5 mores and he started when he was like in his early 30's and in his last james bond movie he was like in his 50's, and pierce brosnan did only 4 and they just kicked him, Daniel Craig arted in his 30's and now he's in his damn 40's and their making the next james bond movie, so after this one their probably gonna kick Daniel  Craig 
corey washington (4 года назад)
You never know though will see what happens.
rorrt (4 года назад)
Moore did 7 films. The average time between films is about 3 years.  But i do agree Craig will probably do 2 more and thats that. which is fine. I'd hate to see a shite film like A View To A Kill, with a 58 year old Craig.
corey washington (4 года назад)
Correction Moore started a 45.
William Blackwood (4 года назад)
Fassbender would make a fantastic bond. Daniel's good, but not good looking enough.
corey washington (3 года назад)
Not when he still bond so get a life and GET OVER IT!
burtonater (3 года назад)
We've got someone with a gay crush for Craig here. That's alright though, his acting is terrible. 
corey washington (3 года назад)
+burtonater seriously? Were still on this it doesn't matter what you think him being bond and his work talks for himself.
Phantom Slayer (3 года назад)
he isnt suave or attractive as the other bonds and wrong hair wrong appearance and height(bonds were generally 6'0 - 6'2) craig's 5'10 not short but only average , he's not tall. he still does good acting though doesnt he? he had good performances in skyfall and casino
burtonater (3 года назад)
+corey washington He's horrible for the role. He's shorter (not a huge deal), he has the wrong hair, the wrong eye colour and would fit the role of a Nazi Soldier in a WWII movie better. He doesn't look like James Bond, he doesn't have the class James Bond has. It's just all around bad with Daniel Craig. 
michael c (4 года назад)
Gorgeous man. Cant decide between him and Daniel Craig. Can i have both hehe?!
IceMan 33 (4 года назад)
Is it just me or does Pierce look like Chris Hansen now? LOL By the way Chris Hansen should be the new bond
KevinT1149 (4 года назад)
Names Bond, James Bond and I am here with dateline NBC.
IceMan 33 (4 года назад)
James Bond (4 года назад)
You need to go and book an appointment to see your local optician.
hartsickdisciple (4 года назад)
lmao... i see it.
2sallads (4 года назад)
Skyfall was shit and the change to more bourne identity style of films was a mistake. Bond will never be the same.
TheGore1021 (3 года назад)
Nah, Skyfall was awesome, it is safe to have some changes in the Bond movies to have something new, instead of having the same things over and over again.
Dan Reese (3 года назад)
+BetaArtemis I didn't like Skyfall , but saw that they were lining up the basic characters for the series , and now are all in place for SPECTRE an noticed Bond was getting some wit back toward the end of the film . This next film will determine if I will continue to enjoy Bond films .
BetaArtemis (3 года назад)
right, it was so much shit that it made huge box office numbers and revived what was starting to become a laughing stock rather than a national treasure....Bond has never been just the same, Bond has always been about change, if you don't understand that then you really haven't been watching Bond movies at all - each generation has a Bond that's fitting for that time, and there has been a journey how completed from Casino Royale to Skyfall in allowing Bond to go back to basics and slowly set up the classic world again which is proven since now Q, Moneypenny, and SPECTRE will all be making appearances again but in fitting in with the new era and characters rather than becoming caricatures but having real shades of grey - Skyfall and the Craig era Bond films have made Bond a household name again...hardly a mistake
shera films (4 года назад)
TheGore1021 (3 года назад)
Skyfall was easily enjoyable, there was nothing boring about the movie.
Joey Jimenez (4 года назад)
He is good, but I can do jst a lil tiny bit better Trust
James Oversteer (4 года назад)
I can't believe how old I am. Pierce has aged so much since my childhood.
Paul Riet (3 года назад)
I think Brosnan looks exactly the same as he looked in his Bond days only now with grey hair. Especially in the film "Remember Me".
no hassle (4 года назад)
+redlightmax okay, but Reagan is not a very flattering thing to put on anyone.
RedLightMax (4 года назад)
+no hassle Reagan was old and wrinkled, sure, but I wasn't implying that Reagan was ugly. Now I might have to stop before this conversation gets into homoerotic territory.
no hassle (4 года назад)
+redlightmax Oh, yeah, well you already have saying he looked like Ronald Reagan. Ronald was a wrinkled old prune, Pierce isn't.
RedLightMax (4 года назад)
+no hassle Nobody's accusing Pierce Brosnan of looking ugly, lol.
MUGENKAZKI (4 года назад)
time such a cruel thing making my hero gray pierce was est james bond gso cool in the greatest jsmes bond game in the ps2 everything or nothing
Morris B (4 года назад)
Poor Pierce. Skyfall was the most overrated shit all year.
Jason W. (8 месяцев назад)
lol, sorry Morris B but Skyfall is in the top 5 Bond movies of all time. Stop the crack, for yourself and your family.
Phantom Slayer (3 года назад)
You are right casino royale isnt as good as goldeneye, however casino royale was still a good film, and skyfall was ok too. but yeah brosnan connery and dalton IMO looked like bond, moore looks nothing and acted nothing like bond but however i still liked him as bond and some of his films, him and craig do not look the part, however they gave a different portrayal. craigs muscular rough and tough, dalton was a serious coldblooded killer, moore was a charming womanising agent etc. die another day sucked. i hated it. i think spectre should be good hopefully
burtonater (3 года назад)
+AmaZN97 You're right, but Casino Royale doesn't even touch Goldeneye. All Casino Royale is, is a 30 minute poker game, which was not Bond's favourite (obviously Baccarat was, which was in the novel) played by a man that looks nothing like James Bond is supposed to look like. The big three actors had this look (Moore, Connery and Brosnan). To me James Bond ended with Die Another Day. Not the best movie, but still played by a fantastic actor. 
Phantom Slayer (4 года назад)
Yeah me too i watched it it was soo awesome omg rorrt! yeah M's character was good, portrayed nicely by judi dench. i remember when she called him a sexist misogynist dinosaur lol. but yeah goldeneye was BROSNAN'S best for sure. his first and best, a very good bond film imo. tomorrow never dies wasn't horrible, but it wasn't that good, i dont mind watching that. i thought it was ok. it was pretty alright to be honest. the world is not enough was better, but it still had some problems lol, it was ok. die another day sucked lol. the beginning was ok but the rest was just ridiculous. invisible cars. lazer, that ice palace, really?. but imo brosnan acted really well in these films and had a decent cast, brosnan film's had its problems but brosnan himself wasn't the cause, he was a wonderful actor and will always be my #1 bond.
rorrt (4 года назад)
+Nostalgic97 Funny you should ask that, Goldeneye was on the TV just the other day, me and my dad stayed up to 1am watching it. And loved rewatching it. And i totally forgot how great M's character is, its clear Bond doesn't like having a female M, but she handles him perfectly. Saying "i have no problem sending you on a mission to your death... But i won't do it on a whim". But i would say Goldeneye is the only Bond film i really enjoyed with Brosnan.
ObsessiveFanboy (5 лет назад)
If only Pierce Brosnan was younger he could've still been doing 007 films. 
corey washington (3 года назад)
+AmaZN97 no I haven't but I seen the trailer it looks good.I might have to check it out.
Phantom Slayer (3 года назад)
i agree. goldeneye will forever be one of my top bond films. no homo i also think hes the best looking bond too. he will be known as the 90s bond for sure. brought bond back and revived him. you seen the november man? its brilliant. pierce is still good at nearly 62
corey washington (3 года назад)
Oh I know it wasn't his fault he could have done more but they decided to go back to the early books and start over again.PB was too old for that so they needed fresh meat.Even though he only did 4 hes still legendary.And will go down as a very well know bond for the 90s.
Phantom Slayer (3 года назад)
yeah. spectre + bond 25 i just wish pierce did one more man, he ended with DAD in 2002. he could have done one more in 2004. 
corey washington (3 года назад)
+AmaZN97 you do know what I said in my previous comments right.He's still great enough.The best bonds usly do at least 6.So I think he might just do two more then call it a night.
eins zwei (5 лет назад)
Pierce Brosnan was The best Bond ever. He has all what a Bond needs. He was cool,smart and Real British. I only think at the Scenes with Q. I have Never so much laughed. I dont like Daniel Craig. Craig is in the Movies like Rambo or something, but not a British Agent. I hope he's coming back in a Bond Movie.
TheGore1021 (3 года назад)
+Dan Reese When Sony gets the leaks, they didn't say that the act in Skyfall was a disaster, they were saying that it wasn't perfect, but people were wondering, will Spectre fix one of the biggest problems of Skyfall, it was a good thing that when Sam Mendes talked about making Spectre have a split with a second part of Skyfall and new adventure story/plot, it did seem like a fine idea to tell us why did the things happen in the movie, so that more Bond fans can be impressed and happy. They leaked the reports about the hackers that stole the script for Spectre.
Michael Westen (3 года назад)
+Dan Reese Well written, sir! It still baffles me how can anyone say "Skyfall" is the "best Bond film" whereas it isn't a Bond film at all, heck, "Quantum of Solace" had more Bondian aspects than this one. I understand Bond was injured and all, but he walked away from the service without letting them know, he could've reported back after gaining strength. But he didn't, and had MI6 not been in war with Silva, they would have classified him as a traitor. Thus, he failed his mission. The biggest disgrace falls there. Peter Morgan wrote the storyline, he could have simply retired M instead of killing her off. Then again, Spectre takes another important character away from us, in a disgraceful way yet again. By the way, going back to Benson's books, the one particular thing I love about "Red Tattoo" is that he brought back one of my favourite allies, Tiger Tanaka. In fact, my good friend, you dragged me into a mood where I should revisit Benson's books right again. "High Time To Kill" also had another great moment where the two M's (Sir Miles Messervy, Bernard Lee's M, and Barbara Mawsdley, Brosnan era Judi Dench's M) met at Sir Miles' house at a formal gathering. I think it is just me but whenever I read Benson's books, Brosnan's Bond comes to mind, additionally, when he wrote "The Facts of Death", he stated that was his attempt to write a Cinematic Bond story, which was previously titled "The World Is Not Enough" until EON wanted to get the title for their 19th entry in the series. As for "Spectre" (2015), I still have to be an optimist and wait how much they have changed the script to meet the granting standards, because the leaked version was an early stage development, anyway. Nothing better than to discuss the Bond subject with an expert.
Dan Reese (3 года назад)
+Michael Westen I too heard about the Sony leak on this film , not in total detail , but they said it was a disaster in the third act and the film maybe a knockoff off of OHMSS. I know they painted themselves into a corner with the direction they took on Bond. Skyfall He was seriously injured an cant even aim a pistol , even though He survived the film He still failed His mission M died . This isn't the Bond We grew up on and yes , I agree with You the film was depressing. . Im glad I met another Fan of Benson Bond books. My favorite was " The Man with the Red Tattoo". I enjoyed how He brought back old characters from Flemings novels and I too wished they would had made movies from His books , but yeah the cheapness in the Broccoli family or paying for the rights may be too high. The way audiences are nowadays they forget very fast , like the Bourne films, now that they are bring Him back , its old hat nobody cares  and what does that make Bond ? Most films do rewrites as they film , they can film around stuff but they are already way behind on filming for their release date of 12-15.Well until  We will see.
Michael Westen (3 года назад)
+Dan Reese Indeed, Bond in the 60s was very much like Marvel's Avengers, like you have mentioned. And coincidentally, HYDRA was based on McClory/Fleming's SPECTRE organization, with its leader Baron Von Strucker bears resemblance to Ernst Stavro Blofeld of the films. Although, I don't quite recall which character had the appearance of being bald with scars, because Fleming's Blofeld constantly kept changing his disguise in the books, and we got the "Dr Evil" type Blofeld in "You Only Live Twice" for the first time. Gardner's books were quite enjoyable to read, some were on, some were off. But, I am a very big fan of Raymond Benson's novels, especially "Never Dream of Dying". Sad thing is, we will not see the continuation novels being adapted to films. Because EON then have to pay the author's for using their storylines and therefore they will be receiving credit. And it will cost them. Personally, I do hate where the series are going. I know, even though being enjoyable but "Die Another Day" took things a little bit too far into science fiction, but turning Bond afterwards into a strict Jason Bourne/Nolan Knight clone was a very big mistake. And that propaganda of calling him "Fleming's Bond" always gets me. Craig is his own Bond, just like Connery was his own, and so was Brosnan and Moore. Dalton was the one resembling the literary character with a lot more experience in the field, and Lazenby was an amalgamation of Fleming's original character, and Connery's take on it. As a fan, however, "Skyfall" had me almost dismissed, and it's very close to occurrence. They transformed the entire fun-loving adventurous action spy thriller into a pathetic soap opera where everyone is depressed, life is bad and people want to commit suicide. Oh hell, I've read some of "Spectre" (2015)'s leaked script, don't want to spoil it to those who still want to watch it, but... it was utterly horrible. We lose yet another main character from the Bond universe, and in the most dishonourable way possible. I keep questioning myself whether I want to watch that film or completely stop following the fandom until a complete new direction takes over. Something that isn't pathetically "politically correct", I've had enough of it.
Dan Reese (3 года назад)
+Michael Westen I can level with You . your facts are quite right , the others  shouldn't debate with you . Your facts are quite right. Ive read most of Flemings novels , some of Gardner's and all 6 of Bensons, and been a fan since Gold finger came out. Bond in the 60's was like the Avengers now.
Duncan Casey (5 лет назад)
God bless him. Great Bond, great answer to a difficult question.
Solvalou (5 лет назад)
Shame hes picking up an American accent. -_-
laminarflow1979 (5 лет назад)
Brosnan was the best Bond. I'm afraid I don't see Daniel as Bond at all. I thought Casino Royale was a great film but it wasn't a Bond film. Daniel Craig feels more Stallone/Bruce Willis/Arnold Schwarzenneger than a charming Englishman.
Captain Crazy (5 лет назад)
I'm British too.. Living in Holland i can't help but get admired by the ladies lol.

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