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16 Reasons for Missed or Irregular Periods in Hindi | By Ishan

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16 Reasons for Missed or Irregular Periods in Hindi | By Ishan While most women aren’t exactly excited about menstruation, most realize the importance of this bleeding when, suddenly, one month it either doesn’t appear or it shows up when least expected. What’s going on when you have irregular periods? Or why do they suddenly stop? Let’s start by understanding the mechanics of the menstrual cycle. During a woman's fertile life, the eggs mature within the ovaries in a cycle that typically lasts 28 days (this varies from woman to woman and even from period to period). On day five of the cycle, about twenty eggs start to mature in the follicles of the ovaries. Each of these follicles is like a tiny fluid-filled sac. As day fourteen approaches, one follicle has generally matured earlier than the others and releases its mature egg to be fertilized. What happens to the other follicles? They shrivel up and are reabsorbed by the body. But the mature follicle transforms into what is known as a "corpus luteum," which is responsible for producing the hormone progesterone to prepare the uterus to receive the fertilized egg. If the egg is not fertilized, it disintegrates and dies. Likewise, the corpus luteum withers. This causes the uterus to shed its lining, the endometrium, causing the bleeding of menstruation. What is a regular menstrual cycle? Having a regular cycle means that the interval between periods is consistent. As mentioned earlier, it’s usually 28 days, but depending on the individual woman, can range from every 20 to every 35 days. What is an irregular menstrual cycle? Having an irregular cycle means that the interval between periods varies each month. That is, sometimes they come every 28 days, sometimes every 20, sometimes every 30. Having irregular periods is very common.The causes can range from something insignificant to something that requires treatment. For example, if you're a teen, your body's hormones can fluctuate and take some time until they find a balance. Therefore, it’s normal to have an irregular period during adolescence or, sometimes, for your period not to arrive in a given month. But, before we get down to business, remember that the main cause for your period not to arrive is a pregnancy. So, if your period doesn’t arrive, check to make sure it’s not actually a baby on the way. Now, let’s look at the most common causes of irregular periods: 1.Eating disorders, like anorexia and bulimia 2.Excessive weight gain or weight loss; extreme thinness and obesity both cause your menstrual cycle to become irregular or even to disappear 3.Stress or emotional problems 4.Hormonal problems, for example, when the thyroid malfunctions Travel 5.Over-exercising: If you're an athlete and train very hard, you may stop menstruating because your body wants to survive and save energy and menstruation requires energy 6.Problems with the pelvic organs (such as polycystic ovarian syndrome, for example) 7.Drugs like birth-control pills can affect the frequency and / or intensity of menstruation 8.Breastfeeding Irregular periods or a stop of menstruation can be due to a condition called "premature ovarian failure" which causes a woman to stop having her period before age 40. This can be caused by radiation, surgery or chemotherapy, in the case of a woman with cancer. Don’t forget that if you are sexually active and don’t want to get pregnant, you should use a birth control method you can trust so that irregular periods don’t bring you an unexpected surprise. Also, remember that even if your period goes away for a while, this does not mean you cannot become pregnant. You are still at risk! If you're not planning to have a baby, be careful! And, as always, I recommend that you consult your healthcare provider if you have questions about what’s causing your irregular periods. That way you’ll be ahead of the game if it’s being caused by a serious condition that requires treatment. Remember, your health comes first! Keep Supporting Us :- Website : https://www.ishanllb.com/ Website : http://www.eisarahi.com/ Email : help@ishanllb.com Facebook Official : https://www.facebook.com/eisarahiofficial Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/IshanLLB/ Other Channel : https://www.youtube.com/ishanllb Twitter : https://twitter.com/ishanllb Tags :- 16 Reasons for Missed or Irregular Periods in Hindi,Why the periods are irregular,irregular periods reasons in hindi,irregular periods treatment in hindi,desi nuskhe for irregular periods in hindi,late periods solution in hindi,monthly periods problems and solutions,periods problem in hindi,how to period come early in hindi,periods late hone ke karan,periods miss hone ka reason,late periods but not pregnant in hindi,masik dharm ka late hona
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Haris Ch (3 часа назад)
Sar mc na hou to khya Khan chieya plzzzzzzzzz
malati devi (20 часов назад)
Cyst khtm tho hota hai na sir...muje bhi cyst bataya hai mera tho itna motapa bhi neh ..mera age 19 hai ...muje keya karna hai plz batae
Ramphool Meena (1 день назад)
45din Mai Mc nahe aye
ritu jain (1 день назад)
My WhatsApp no 8218794947 Any sex problem solve for female
Shyamsundarkushwah Kushwah (1 день назад)
Sir yadi 5 ya 6 din pereat le aaye to kya karna chahiye jisse shi time par aaye
Anshu Mala Rai (1 день назад)
Sir periods ka time say phlay aana to sir
shakira Dawood (2 дня назад)
Mere periods agar16 ko aaya tha to 13 ko as jata h Hamesha periods date k pehle hi sate h uski kya wajah h
Geeta suryavanshi (2 дня назад)
Shalu Arya (2 дня назад)
sir muje mc time se phele ho jati hai kabhi 5 din phele ya fir 3 din phele
Mahesh Kumar (3 дня назад)
kya kamjori ke karan period nahi aati hai
aman batth (3 дня назад)
Doctor ne thyroid test krvane Ko bola hai
Krishna Kunar (3 дня назад)
Mai Anshu mera mahina sahi se nahi aata hai 2se3 mahine ke bad aata hai kya kare
Aman Deep (3 дня назад)
Sir ager period 2 din aave ta koi solution daso ta ki 4 din tak ta aave 2 din aave period ta pregnancy wich koi problem ta ni hove gi in future
Riya singh Chandel (3 дня назад)
Mere Pireds nHi Aate.. 6 month Se tabled lene pr hi. Aata h am 16.
Maahi Singhania (4 дня назад)
Agar results negative h Bt periods apne date pr nhi aa rha h to kya Karan Ho sakta h??
ISHAN HEALTH (2 дня назад)
Koi aur reason hoga ya blood test krao hCG
Arvind Sagar (4 дня назад)
contact N. sir plz
Girdhari Ram (5 дней назад)
पिरीयड नही आने का कारन
Neelu Singh (5 дней назад)
Sir muj v 5dag ho gaa h muj aap sa bata krna h plz 🙏
Manjur Alam (5 дней назад)
Main se kartahu phir ve mc hojata is Kaya karn hota sir 2 3 mahanase horahai
Annu Soni (6 дней назад)
Thankx sir BT mai bhi kuch puchna chahti thi sir mera name Anu hai mere age 36 hai sir meri shadi ko 5 SAL ho gye hai mera 4 month ka miscarig ho gya tha BT uske bad meri piriyad date khrab ho gyi matlb jesa mujhe pichle mahine 11 August ko piriyad aaye or ab 10 September ko lekin sir pta nhi consiv nhi kr pa rhi hun kbhi Kbhi to 5 , 6 din uper hokr piriyad hote hai plz sir koi dwai jo mere piriyad regular ho jaye or mai baby consiv kr paun
Ashok Kumar (6 дней назад)
Meri wife ko sat din let hua hai halka sa blad ka thanks sa aataa hai
Dikesh Nirmalkar (6 дней назад)
lekin bliding bad jaye to kya kare
Jasvir Singh (6 дней назад)
Nice videos
Kabita Dash (6 дней назад)
Sar mere period 1year ho Gaya NAHI ho raha he mujhe karna kaya he
Dollykhare Dollykhare (6 дней назад)
Mere shadi 5 month ho chuke h but mere peread time to time nahi ati aur bahut let se ate hai but es bij koi pregnancy be positive nai ati koi upay
Rajveer Verma (6 дней назад)
Sir..medically abortion k baad jab bleeding band ho jai to kitne din k baad sex karna chahiye pregnant hone k liye.... sir..plz...me..
amit jain (6 дней назад)
sir mujhe pahele sirf 2 ya 3 he blood aata tha par ab 8.9 din aata hai aur bahot taklef hote hai 1 year me 2 bar miss car age ho gya weakness bhi bahot hai hamesha chakker aata hai please koi upaay batay
Zarrin Khan (7 дней назад)
10th ko mere periods start hote par abhi tak nahi hue please give some treatment
Pooja Tomar (8 дней назад)
Kya coperty lagwane se bhi period miss ho jata h
Sahil Dutta (8 дней назад)
Thankyou so muchh
Paul Vivek (8 дней назад)
Period nahi huya 35 day ho giya....pregnecy kit test kiya nagetive result aya...to sir period kiyo nahi ho raha hai
rashi shona (8 дней назад)
namaste sir, mere periods miss ho gye h,last week mene pati k 7 thi but hmne proper relation ni banaya,cuz 1st time k karan.But mere periods miss ho gye h..iska koi other issues bh ho sakta h kya.
The crazy Divyansh (8 дней назад)
Sir ek ladkhi ki mc ni aa rhi hai uska 13 ko aane thaa lekin aaya nii
Monali Thakkur (8 дней назад)
Me 23yr old hu... Or mje starting se hi avi tk irregular periods hote h.... To mje kya krna chahiye sir
abdullah shekh (8 дней назад)
Hay mera period 3 mhine se nhi aaya btao me kiya kru
Urvashi Teswar (8 дней назад)
sir mujko 4 Ya 5 month before peried bhut jyda hue th. jaise 15 -16 din to period ki rokne K liye teb li thi.. kisse ki period Ruk to gye.. but problem Ye h ki period 1 month hi aaye Uske Baad se period nHi hue.. 2 - 3 month hoge h.. Pls guide me..
Vineet Gautam (9 дней назад)
Pcos ka koi elaaj bataiye sir Mera whatsapp no he 8445075021
Toiwang Songthing (9 дней назад)
sir, period ke 1 week se pahle sex karne se kya woh pregnant honeka chance hota hai kya?
Sona Sharma (9 дней назад)
Meri pehli bar piryad let ho gyi Kya kre
Yubaraj Bhattarai (9 дней назад)
Aapka no milsakta hai
Jaya Malviya (9 дней назад)
tq sir pr mere is bar period nhi aaye date to 7 h pr fir bhi
Nitu Raj (9 дней назад)
sir our period not comes on time nowdays our period not come after 3 month my health is not above what we do for it sir
રાજ ઠાકોર (9 дней назад)
Hi sir meri wife 1 shal se mc maine nahi horahi.
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hlo sir ...thanks. ....khavhi wait lus karne ki koi bat kehedijiye
Muskan Sinha (10 дней назад)
Sir 1se 2month ho gye phir vi avi tak ni aayi hai period
Pretti Mehra (10 дней назад)
2 month sa period nhi aa
preet Kaur (10 дней назад)
Sir intercouse karne se mere period 5days late ho gyea and mujhe period miss me vomiting v ho rahi the but abi mujhe period a gyea h es ka cause khea h plz solve my problem
Ashir Mirza (10 дней назад)
Sar agar larki k pride sa khoon k katle aye to uska kia matlab hota ha
Nirmala Giri (11 дней назад)
Please my back bone is soo much penning........my period also irrigerular
shabana shaikh (11 дней назад)
Sir prriods lait ane se pregncy problm to nhi hogi na plz rply
Manpreet Kaur (11 дней назад)
sir mane sbb dvaai kha kr dekh lyi ha mujje fr b 2 month rukk ke kbi to 3 month rukk ke aatha ha ESA kyu hota ha plz jankri chiyae Ji ess bre koi to nuksha dsso ki time to time aa jave
Tehzeeb nice (11 дней назад)
sir mujhi 14 din hogy peride nhi aaya plz mujhi bolo
Prince Talk (11 дней назад)
Bina seal Tute kya pregnt ho skta hai kya
Geetu Geetu (11 дней назад)
Sir muja to starting sa hi 56 ya 60 days mea ata ha aaj mere age 20 saal ha par kbi kbi to 20 days mea ho jata ha fir 3ya4 month hota hi nahi jii
Raja Goswami (11 дней назад)
Pered jase 15 tarik ko ana ho aor nahi ata aor uske agle maha 22 tarik ko Six karne se pegment ho sakti he pelzzzzzz Sir jaldi jawab dena
Anuj Hembrom (12 дней назад)
Agar boy and girl sex karne ke bad hi pried let ho RHA hai to iska kya karan ho Santa hai
Rubi Khatun (12 дней назад)
Tulee Umbrey (12 дней назад)
Sir mra period 1 monts sh jada horai... Kya karu mein pls batayai??
Rakhi Singha (12 дней назад)
Mera 10 days period mis hua hei.. Mera ovary m cyst he.. Kya m pragnant ho sakti hu... Plszzzz
Ashu Manjot (13 дней назад)
abi nhi ayi mc.time 5 day uper ho gya.too hum kya kra abii.kus smj ni a rhi sir..plz koi tips vta do
Ashu Manjot (12 дней назад)
ok ji
ISHAN HEALTH (12 дней назад)
Pregnancy test karo
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Create an ke baad masik nahi aa raha hai to kya karna chahiye please batao
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Pet darnd bohat hota hai... To Kay karna chaiye.....
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+ISHAN HEALTH thanks...
ISHAN HEALTH (12 дней назад)
Ibrufen tablet le lo, 6 rupees me pura patta milega
Navjot Gurshan (14 дней назад)
Hello sir mere 6 feb ko twins hue the uske baad m may m period ayi thi vo bhi sirf do din uske baad muje 3 mahine ho gye hai m ab tak period nahi ayi hu maine pregnancy test bhi kiya tha vo bhi negative tha or m apne babies ko feed bhi nahi deti hu pls muje koi solutions bataye
ISHAN HEALTH (12 дней назад)
Period rukne ka koi aur reason hai aap kisi ache gynecologist ko dikhaye
Arman Haider (14 дней назад)
Sir mera periyad ek mahina se nhi aaya h kya karu plzz kuch acha bataoo
tarika Rajpurohit (15 дней назад)
Sir 2 month hone ko aaye h lakin period nhi aaye kiya kru
Neha Bharati (15 дней назад)
Thanks for information
Neha Patel (15 дней назад)
ap reply to dete nhi ho to comment krne se Kya bhayda Kisi ko problem ho but apko reply hi nhi dena h
Neha Patel (12 дней назад)
kb online hote ho
Neha Patel (12 дней назад)
ISHAN HEALTH (12 дней назад)
Har time online nahi hote na hum. Btao kya problem hai? Or whatsapp 9412993891
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hi sir
Pragati Sonkar (15 дней назад)
Sir mera ek Mahina din baad period ho jata hai Is Se Kya Hota Hai
Pragati Sonkar (15 дней назад)
Ek Mahina 5 Din protohype ariat Phir uske baad period shuru ho jata hai iska kya Karan hai
Pragati Sonkar (15 дней назад)
GUBBAR gang (15 дней назад)
Sir Bas a kahe do sex karne se gf pregnet to nahi hongi naa
Sar MERI garl freind no 2 mant se Periods Nahi Aya hey
Mohd Rashid (16 дней назад)
Sir meri wife ke har mahine me 2ya4 din ghat kar aate hhh sir plz reply meee
babbu singh (16 дней назад)
periods sirf do din ate hain sir koi prblm toh nhi hain olz rply
Ram ji Ram ji (17 дней назад)
Thanks sir
prabha Katara (18 дней назад)
Apne ye jo point no. 9 batya h ki lambi bimari ke bad period ka aana.. Man lijiye lambi bimari ke bad 4 mahine tak apke period nahi aaye uske bad aaye h or bloding lagtar ek mahine se jyada nikl gyi h to kya karna chahiye dawa leni chahiye ya wait karne chahiye apne ap normal hone ka plz answer me
Bharti Maharaj (18 дней назад)
can I talk call
Bharti Maharaj (18 дней назад)
Pardeep Duhan (19 дней назад)
Sir abhi periods time h pet me derd ho rha h lekine blooding nhi ho rhi kya karen h
heena Nasir (19 дней назад)
Mai har baar 6din pahile hute hai period aur a baar b aisa hi huva lekin serif 4din utnaa period es ka kya matlub hai plz reply me Dr
Kamol Singh (19 дней назад)
Sir meri waif ki Mc 3-4 mahina take thik chaleta Hai phir next mahine 5-10 din let me aata Hai sir Iska upay btaye.
Amrik Singh (19 дней назад)
Mare periods sahi nai aundi kyu 5 7 din ohh janda lat aunda
Tina Seth (20 дней назад)
Mera toh 2 month 3 month se jyada ho jata hai... Doctor dikha dikha k b thak chuki hun..
Payal Sarki (20 дней назад)
hlw sir mera nam payal ha mera period nhi ho raha aur mein merrid hu pregnency check kiya negitive ha aisha kyu
harendra verma (21 день назад)
Thank you so much
Priyanka Chauhan (22 дня назад)
Sir first time esa hua h ki mujhe 3 months period nahi aaya mere age 25 h koi internal issue bhi nahi h phir bhi sir please jakad reply kijiye
Priyanka Chauhan (22 дня назад)
Sir m bhi irregular period ki problem h 3 month hone wale h or abhi period nahi aaya h please sir Kuch solution batao I'm unmarried
rupali jadhav (22 дня назад)
Sir muze tb ki bimari hui thi toh abhi thik ho gayi hai our doctor ne muze Kaha ki abhi bacche k bare mai Soch sakte hai to sir problem ye hai ki MERI December Mai shadi hui aur meri dawai July Mai stop kr li to January se meri period time pe Nahi aati vajah kya hogi plz batav
Ritu Madanheri (22 дня назад)
thnx di
Riya Verma (18 дней назад)
Ritu Madanheri ha
Gunjan Gupta (22 дня назад)
sir mera mc mis ho gya h to muje ghavrane ki koi bt to nhi h
Pooja Malkit (23 дня назад)
mera wight b kam he 42 he
Pooja Malkit (23 дня назад)
mujhe 4 din pehle ajati he har month or shadi ko 4month ho gye he but me pregnant ni hori hu please let me know
Champa Negi (23 дня назад)
Meri Sadi ko Abhi ek Saal Ni hua h meri mc 10 din Baad aa rhi h 2mahine se aisa q ho rha h mujhe bta dijiye Kya mujhe Dr k pass Jana chahiye mujhe Kya krna chahiye
Anas Sheikh (23 дня назад)
Sir 1 mahine se khun nikalta hai kiya karu
Mariya Farooq Khanxoya (24 дня назад)
Mko bhoot kaam priod hota hai phlai thk hota tha iss ka mtlb kya hai
zia ul haq (24 дня назад)
sir my 24 years ki hoo aur unmarried ho mere periods ab tak theek the monthy per abhi main 4 days ke baad phirse mere periods start hogaye iska reason kya hi maine kuch nahi kya exersice wagaira nahi tablets liye
Rahul Raghuvanshi (24 дня назад)
Period chal rha hota h to niche jalan kyu hoti ?
Renu Sharma (24 дня назад)
Good morning
Zara Khan (25 дней назад)
first time sex karne ke baad agar 72 teble kha lete he to kiya pregnant nhi hote
Mona roy (25 дней назад)
Sir mujhe 2 months se period Nahi Aaya h Qa Karu?
jyoti Gupta (25 дней назад)
Thank you soo much .....my probelm is solv ......

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