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Your Health WIth Dr. Stephanie - Laryngopharyngeal reflux - LPR

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Dr. Stephanie describes silent reflux also known as LPR and its causes, symptoms and treatment.
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Denise Bond (26 дней назад)
I agree with you on everything you say except for taking the ppi's. I think those are very dangerous for you and can cause more problems in the long run. That is just from the extensive research I have done.
RUPINDER SINGH (4 месяца назад)
Hi all, can anyone help me some suggestion. I am loosing me weight and planning to join gym ,so that I can eat and put some wait.But over eating increases reflux.what should I do in such situation?
Goat 4567 (9 месяцев назад)
does LPR cause nausea?
Ronnin Discipline (11 месяцев назад)
So there is not complete cure for lpr????
dynacoA25 (11 месяцев назад)
what if i have had lpr for 2 years and it was severe and food being trapped but showed some improvements from severe but never went completely away, what do i do next ?
Perry Evans (1 год назад)
This heartburn treatment “raka shocking guide” (Google it) has helped me greatly with other digestive problems I have had as well and all naturally without using traditional medications. If you are presently encountering digestive disorders as well as chronic heartburn, you should try this treatment method also.
Angelita (1 год назад)
The worst is the post nasal drip! Ugh!
Rick Bauer (1 год назад)
Avoiding all those foods --- you may as well just walk around with an IV in your arm.
marcellas ramos (1 год назад)
Aleta Thomas (1 год назад)
There are so many other ways to treat LPR versus being pumped up on drugs that are going to wreck havoc with your body on a permanent basis. Try melatonin.
Re_di_Roma_is_back (1 год назад)
Good morning, I've experimented that severe LPR coupled with shortness of breath at rest and laryngitis can be warded off (at least partially) by inhaling antibyotics and cortisone. But try it with caution - once a day for one week - because it causes addiction. Afterwards, try "more natural methods" and/ or melatonin+Vitamins D,D3 to fight LPR
krittaazapata (1 год назад)
does this include congestion? I have head congestion and idk if it's from my gerd or allergies, which I do have seasonal allergies, and sneezing too. please someone reply to me
aegisgfx (9 месяцев назад)
44JesusIsLord44 your gods are imaginary there chum
aegisgfx (9 месяцев назад)
Groove Master lol I've had it for 20 years, buck up there buttercup
Uroš Peteh (1 год назад)
I heard with this disease more 'ordinary' pillows dont help. We have to buy wedge anti reflux pillow if i remember corectly the word wedge(d). This really is a bizzare disease and i hope we all get better asap. It takes all the fun away because annoying throat symptoms are present almost 24/7.
44JesusIsLord44 (1 год назад)
+Uros Peteh I get the shortness of breath sometimes, too, yes, even when resting. And I burp a ridiculous amount!!! Normally (before this all started) I used to hardly ever burp. Throat feels raw sometimes and hard to swallow. I'm so sick of having this, too, I feel your pain!!! Hang in there and let me know how the esophageal test turns out. It's giving me heart palpitations, even with resting against 3 pillows at night, hardly slept a wink last night. I hope you do better real soon!!
Uroš Peteh (1 год назад)
I dont have money for diets. I live on a 240 $ social support per month, i also think my life will be short due to this humiliating income. I live in a mafia country where politicians have made a coutnry for their own. No, i never took ppi's so far. But i will probably have to, because i have to get rid of h pylori and the treatment is 2 antibios and ppi.
Maria Napolitano (2 года назад)
hello doctor. i just want to know if you still have the post nasal drip and how you are doing . thanks for the post.
xNight Hawk (3 года назад)
I'm so tired of my awesome deep voice constantly getting fucked by shit in my throat..
xNight Hawk (2 года назад)
Yes. Eating healthy, organics, non GMO's really help reduce acid reflex, wich causes vocal discrepancies. Food is fuel. Only buy premium, your body deserves it. Good luck
xNight Hawk (2 года назад)
+affan mohammed It never really left, just phlegmy all the time. quitting smoking and getting an air purifier for my room made an exceptional difference though. Good luck bruh. Happy Christmas!
jowzay (3 года назад)
so helpful doc thank you.
PRIVATE EYE (4 года назад)
Doctor Stephanie.  That was a very good and great presentation.  I think sometimes they can treat it with steroid drugs.  Can any sort of drug later cause weakness to form in the abdominal wall where a hernia can develop depending on the condition?  Coughing causes the ulcer to form in lower part of the abdomen.   So, take good collagen to strengthen those tissues.   Thank you.
rollnmash (5 лет назад)
fuck you. for working for PHARMA.
aegisgfx (9 месяцев назад)
Fuck you for being a dumb ass conspiracy lunatic

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