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What is Epigenetics?

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Epigenomics studies how the genes we're born with interact with the environment and can help predict and prevent diseases, such as cancer, by turning our genes on and off. To learn more, visit http://mayocl.in/2lj8hmL
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Maria van Olphen (3 года назад)
Dr. Alfredo Galvez discovered LUNASIN and has partnered with Reliv International to produce a product called LunaRich X capsules, a pure concentrate of LUNASIN. It it the only epigenetic nutritional company that has the epigenetic mechanism of action that can turn on the good genes and turn off the bad genes. Let's influence the DNA naturally.. Contact me for more info.
CanDoCoaching (4 года назад)
You talk about on and off of the genome. Is there a thought that emotions and feelings activate the genomes?
Maria van Olphen (3 года назад)
+CanDoCoaching Emotions and Feelings fall under Lifestyle, which is part of the epigenome factors..
CebuLightsandMusic (5 лет назад)
Mayo Clinic, thank you for all your vids! it inspires us!

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